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hanya seorang gadis buta bermata galak, gadis tempang berkaki dua, gadis hodoh berwajah ayu. aku tahu siapa aku..tapi siapa kamu? bukan omongan kosong tapi sekadar pertanyaan retorik seorang pemikir radikal yang memakai stiletto. bukan kamu..tapi aku.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

FINISHING Pieces! Who is he/she?

if the real love does need a puzzle to be solved, i think there are lot of people out there will be living without the finishing pieces. WHY?
because it is all about emotion. Face it and Adapt it.
in Heaven there will be something more special for u. I swear.
Love ur partner as how he or she should be pampered.

WHO CARES with whom u will be with!
Let that person be the finishing pieces and framed that puzzle on the wall.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

when it comes to craziness in buying stuff...

it is real craziness into this "buyinguselessstuffnisme"!

my room key..also handled with care by this colourful necklace.

even my car key also with that "long necklace". p.s : Guess what..i've bought that necklace on my way to Niah Caves when i was in Form 1 (2002). So, that necklace in pink being owned by me for 9 years now.
i think this is my most expensive necklace among all cause my aunty bought it from China. nice stone and shimmering colour. seriously gojas! (gorgeous)

BBBBBiIIIgGGG stone! i love it..unique maaaa...
wooden necklace..some sort of exotic necklace in my collection.

this silver necklace is one of my "beautifullest" collection cause i didnt see others wearing this kind of necklace yet.

this? wrong la..THESE are my collection of "long necklace" or "rantai panjang" i've collected. I'm really crazy into buying these kind of stuff. AND the weirdest part is..i use it only once in a while. hehe.

I really hope i can get one colurful button "long necklace" i saw online. but i didnt found it here in Kuching. huhu...

Friday, November 12, 2010

in my world of singing...

i do love singing..and i very appreciate any opportunity i get when it comes to singing. here are some of memoriable memory i will keep in my mind until the end of the time. a moment ive spent with THEM is so priceless.

gareth with the hiding face (rhythm guitar) man (lead guitar) amru (drummer) me :) (beautiful yet cute vocalist..haha) and ah fath (pianist) ---not in the pic.. brazeel (basist) BREAKTHRU

with breakthru : song of the day [21 gun & cinta gila by grey sky morning...and its in jazzy form!]

featuring singing with sleezy moss...a talented-to-be rapper! he has nice wording indeed!
check him out in myspace fanpage [lil' moss]. SONG of the day : Drama

recording time. its really hard and tough since its my first time! but it was a very wonderful moment...

me with lil' moss!
: )

me with harnaharnya (hope it spelled right..seriously..its his name...gorgeous haa?)

with KPLI's group...but its canceled in last minute..after a few days of preparation. huhu... but nice team by the way! canceled song : Kalis Rindu by Elyana

Last minute 5:30 remy (lead+pianist of the day) duranni (vocalist yet guitarist) wan (basist) me (as usual...vocalist) : )
crazy team here! Last Minute 5:30. This team was on when the time is ticking on 5.30pm and seriously...the event started at 8.00pm. and i just told by phone that im going to sing that night..but it was a craziest experience for me either! song : Dugaannya by Hujan and Hey Jude by The Beatles.
i forgot where did I put my other picture when im singing here at battle of the band at Twintech. here our band named Avenus with new member playing rhythm guitar, harry tristram paul a.k.a boy and new basist..(i forgot his name) huhu...this pic taken with my cuzzy(s) who are also one of the contestant in the battle. and now they are so-called artists with their official band name BangSal..add them up in facebook fanpage.
song : Terbang by Ah fath(new song) and Akan kutunggu by candy

its all a captured moment! and how i wish i can flow into that stream again.. looking forward with my new project with mr ah fath..cant wait for it.. : )

ps : i am really into bringing steelheart song entitled She's gone..but it is danmly too powerful song! and i dont think i can sing that song...! : )

adios for now

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

no..he is not leonardo da vinci...

my blog image...also drew by him...

giving an eye into facebook tonight did made me realized on something. he was sharing a link at his wall. he is not leonardo da vinci but i think leo's blood is there in his vein.. guess what..i think maybe he also doesn't know that i kept all his drawings even it is just his signature..coz he did practiced to beautify his initial in a few weeks i think..
>>>>>> dont u think its unique...and hard to be copied by his children in the report card?

on 14th may 2009 i also received a drawing of my own portrait drew by him. due to my friend, he didnt slept the entire night just to finish it on that time...what a big major astronomical surprised from all my friend. let we see what he did with his hand that maybe 1% of us can do it..
*some of his drawing were all created in the moment lecturers were at the front lecturing... hmmm... don't follow this action.he did made me think what is this...i try hard to read it but i cant. its written his name... JHOWIEZACHEUS <<<>my name....its in arabic font...and it much more better compare to my handwriting.
this is my portrait sketched by him. thanks a lot..i already had one at home which i did asked someone to draw for me and i paid that person rm30 but my dad said it didnt look so much like me but comment..cause its perfect.. : )

seriously... i stole this note book cause i cant stand the attraction of it..guess is a comic book if u open the page slowly. u will see the teddy bear with heart brooch holding a balloon at the last page. :') And i think he also doesnt know it is with me now..hehe.
eh...why the picture of this person appeared here? hmmm...
oh...its is not leonardo da vinci.. neither too handsome nor too smart...ok la. : P
credited to him for being shared here. : )

Monday, November 1, 2010

lets hit the world with ur board...

aren't they good in it? ive captured some of their moment hanging out together, flying, jumping and also falling..

GUESS what..both of my bro's in love in this sport already..hope they can make it far..even there is only 1% support from my parents..hahaha.

only skater can comment on if there are skater out there active in blogging..ur c&c are most welcomed...who knows there is some sort of comp around KUching lets the news blew!

KING PIN CREW? lets rock the world...

its end with a word... lets hit the world...